Friday, December 4, 2015

Are You Happy with Your Job?

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Are You Happy with Your Job?

One of the most wonderful gifts in the world is to have a job that you truly love.  Most people work in many occupations until they find the perfect job, but there are others who go to work every day to make a living for themselves and their families, regardless of it being their “dream job”.  It’s up to you to be content and thankful for the job you have.  

Let’s talk a little about career pros and cons. Few vocations exist that don’t include a fair amount of stress. Factors that lead to tension in the workplace are:     * Lack of chances for promotion* Fear of losing job through outsourcing/downsizing* Inappropriate pay for job performed* Conflict with co-workers, supervisors* Lack of necessary resources to promote your successIf boredom on the job is part of your problem, you may not have sufficient responsibilities to correspond with your capabilities.  

Don’t let your mind drift to the point that you put yourself or others in danger.  If your job duties involve being a caregiver, or operating equipment or machinery, boredom could be deadly! You may need to seek a new challenge at your workplace; ask your supervisor to assign you to a different task. 

Watch for new job opportunities that are posted from time to time at your place of employment, and go for it! If you are given a low evaluation from your supervisor, or hear negative comments from coworkers, turn that into a plus, not a negative.  Who hasn’t thought at one time or another, “I’ll show them, I’m outta here!”  Slow down, and think about it; make this a learning experience.  

Keep in mind:  there’s always someone out there ready to take your position; we are all replaceable. Be thankful that you have that job, and look around at the work “family” that you have:  folks that you greet each morning and spend 8 hours or so with.  Show them the appreciation that you have for them, and it will pay off in big dividends for you. This is a guest post form Pat of
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