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What Are the Human Resources Management Roles

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What Are the Human Resources Management Roles
Human resource has several levels and professionals in the department may carry different titles. Some of these are Human Resources Director, Human Resources Manager and Human Resources Generalist et al. Their duties are different and defined clearly though in some cases responsibilities do overlap.Human Resource Directors and Managers may have HR departments falling under their authority.

The departments are headed by HR staff that may have different titles depending on the size of the organization and their functionality. Some of these may be Recruiting Manager, Compensation Manager, Training Manager, etc. it is important to note that the HR department is the link between employees and the company and both parties’ interests should be well taken care of.The role of HR is quickly changing and organizations that keep up with the change have a chance of surviving in a highly competitive global environment. 

The conventional role of systemizing and being executive management’s policy guardians though still important, is being overtaken by a more involved and dynamic role. The primary focus of an organization is the customer and HR being an important cog in the management wheel has to be part and parcel of this goal.On the whole, a HR manager’s job will include all or some of the following; sourcing and recruiting employees, hiring and training. 

Other roles include organization development, ensuring good communication between employees and management and monitoring efficiency and performance. Team building, coaching, team building and policy recommendation among others are also part of the HR manager’s responsibilities.There are, however, some additional roles recommended by Dave Ulrich, author of Human Resource Champions and professor at the University of Michigan. 

These are being a Business and Strategic Partner, an Employee Advocate and a Change Champion. As a business and strategic partner, the HR manager should prove his mettle as a person worthy of sitting in the executive table of the organization, be responsible and accountable for all processes and programs in the HR department as well present themselves as partners and not roadblocks to other departments for the overall good of the organization.As an employee advocate, the HR manager will seek to ensure that employees are working in environments that are conducive for optimum performance. 

Assistance, training and coaching and employee development are vital in ensuring the employees are satisfied. The final role of change champion is in line with a changing global business environment. The HR manager should come up with new and improved ways of doing things to enhance productivity. 
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